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Residential Learning Communities

A little bit about the Residential Learning Communities which we call RLCs...

The Residential Learning Communities provide first-year students a distinct opportunity to connect and learn, both inside and out of the classroom, alongside fellow students, staff, and faculty all while enjoying the conveniences and accommodations of living on-campus within the residence halls. 

Approximately 95 percent of SCU first-year students live on campus, but even those who choose to live off campus are members of a Residential Learning Community (RLC). Each RLC is associated with a specific residence hall, and each RLC organizes its community around one or two broad themes. The theme of the each RLC is not associated with any particular major. Students majoring in any degree program at SCU can be a member of any of the RLCs. During your first-year, and perhaps even during your second year at SCU, you'll take classes with other students that live within your RLC. 

We encourage you to explore each RLC through the individual RLC webpages. Within the on-campus housing application process, you'll need to rank each RLC from your most preferred to least preferred. For this reason, please take some time to learn about the specific theme of each RLC, the programs and events that are usually offered each year, as well as learn about the staff & faculty that work to enhance your learning & living experience. When exploring each RLC, you'll also find information about the room types and amenities offered within the residence hall each RLC is housed. 

Students take a number of their classes with other students in their RLC, and regular events—sometimes connected to those classes—bring students together. When people share interests, knowledge, and experiences, it just makes everything that happens in an RLC more enjoyable and more enriching. The Residential Learning Community Program is unique to Santa Clara University and we are confident it will enhance your experience throughout the time you live on-campus!

LEAD Scholars and Honors students have the opportunity to live in specific RLCs for their first-year. We strongly encourage participants in the LEAD & Honors program to include these RLCs in their top four preferences.

LEAD Scholars will be placed in one of the following RLCs: Cura, CyPhi, da Vinci, Unity, or Xavier.

University Honors Program students will be placed in one of the following four RLCs: Alpha, da Vinci, Modern Perspectives, or Unity.  


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